10 Best Wrestling Talkers Of 2019 (So Far)

10 Best Wrestling Talkers Of 2019 (So Far)

There exists on WWE’s official YouTube channel an unlisted video entitled ‘WWE Creative Writing: Life at WWE’.

It isn’t entirely comprised of Vince McMahon frantically the words BETTER SUCH GOOD SH*T over the final draft of the RAW script three minutes before showtime, but rather footage of the various hacks parachuted in from the land of cancelled three-camera sitcoms.

“The goal is to create compelling content for our TV shows,” one hack says, Wild Card Ucey Hot back-shaving.

“You need to introduce these talents also, so I know who they are,” another hack says, EC3 didn’t cut a promo for months and instead just posed in front of mirrors.

“The writer’s assistants are also allowed to contribute creatively,” an additional hack says, the actual f*cking wrestlers are not.

This isn’t A Bit. It’s real. Click the link and hope to die.

“I lived in L.A. working on reality shows,” his hack colleague says, when disclosing his credentials. His hack colleague says “I come from soap operas.” Her hack colleague says, and this isn’t made up, this absolutely isn’t made up but it reads at once as a total parody and a brutal truth, “My experience is in everything but WWE.”

It is this process that Jon Moxley scorched in his notorious Talk Is Jericho appearance. On the basis of his post-WWE output, he was quite justified…



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