10 HUGE WWE Stomping Grounds Predictions You Need To Know

10 HUGE WWE Stomping Grounds Predictions You Need To Know

It’s been worth tracing back through the rich history of Stomping Grounds over the years in order to inform these particular predictions. Over the years, there’s been mat classics, bloody wars and title changes – it’s a been the final destination for some of the company’s crucial encounters.

Or at least, you’d think that based on how comfortable the roster have been talking about “kicking *ss and taking names” like they’ve all been doing it every June for the past decade.

It’s an old WWE trick – invent a concept out of thick air and expect the world to catch up if you put it over enough. Stomping Grounds was just that – the name was instantly derided because it’s f*cking crap, the multiple logos developed a pungent Great Balls Of Fire stink (sans cheese, at least) especially in the likely event that it too never ever happens again.

It’s a card that looks inconvenient thanks to the Saudi Arabian Super ShowDown two weeks earlier. The dreaded rematches have returned thanks to the schedule pile-up, and even most of the first-run contests feel a little vacant, stakes-wise. Expectations are low and…sh*t…will Stomping Grounds kick *ss and take names after all?!



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