10 Wrestling Careers Ruined By Awful Storylines

10 Wrestling Careers Ruined By Awful Storylines

Regardless of the era, Vince McMahon’s WWE has always been about the drama. The Chairman’s obsession with infiltrating mainstream celebrity culture has transformed wrestling into the biggest soap opera around, and while the sport’s athletic roots remain, bold characters and great storylines became WWE’s lifeblood a long time ago.

WWE would be nothing without stories to frame the in-ring action, and when they get it right, their product becomes “must see” TV. Unfortunately, their track record is patchy at best, and while angles like Austin vs. McMahon and ‘the Streak’ became legendary, so too have Katie Vick and the Anonymous Raw General Manager – for all the wrong reasons.

The talent are inevitably the ones who suffer the most when an angle bombs. A bad storyline can not only harm their popularity, but kill their credibility as a performer, and in some cases, send their wrestling career completely off the rails.

Countless wrestlers never truly recover from these ill-conceived creative missteps, including some of the biggest names in the game’s history, proving that the sport’s margin for error is very thin, and nobody is ever safe from the writers’ worst ideas.



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