5 Lessons You Can Learn from Family


There are some things that you can only learn from family. Since we spend a huge part of our lives with them, family members play an integral role in developing the people we are today. They teach us a lot about ourselves and life, in general. Here are 5 lessons you can learn from family.

Learn By Example

Sometimes, it’s a good example while at other times, it’s not. Either way, family are the best teachers in life. Our relatives have been a reference point as to what to do and what not to do. As they say “Asiyefunzwa na mamaye hufunzwa na ulimwengu.”

Unconditional Love

5 Lessons You Can Learn from Family

Who loves us better than our family? Every family has its fair share of drama but that doesn’t change the fact that you will always love them. You can always count on them no matter what happens. If you need proof of unconditional love, look at your family.

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Patience And Tolerance

For those who have siblings, you know how annoying they can be. If they’re not taking your stuff without permission, they’re fighting over what to watch with you. Living under such conditions teaches you to have the patience of a Buddhist monk.

Extended family sitting together.


5 Lessons You Can Learn from Family

Form a young age, our parents teach us the true meaning of generosity. And that in giving, we receive. Whether they taught us to share our toys with other kids, their endless sacrifice to give us a good life or helping the less privileged, we can learn a thing or two about generosity from family members.

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Make Your Case

This might come as a shock to many since talking back to your parents came with more beatings but the older you got, the more your parents encouraged you to make your case. For instance, if you wanted to sleep at a friend’s place, you had to explain why they should let you do so. This, in turn, teaches you to speak up for yourself.



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