5 things highly sexual couples do regularly to get satisfied


There are two types of couples – the lukewarm ones, and the passionate ones. What differentiates the sexual couples from the ones that are not so sexual is not just the regularity of the sex or the amount of times they have done it for.

Below we list the things that secrets that set highly sexual couples apart from the other types of couples.

1. Communicate

As we explain elaborately here, refusing to communicate about sex is to leave yours and your partner’s sexual satisfaction to chance. Partners that are highly sexual couldn’t have gotten there without communication clearly about their needs and how they want those needs met.

If you will ever become highly sexual and constantly satisfied sexually, you need to always communicate your needs. It’s a better alternative than leaving your partner to wing it aka trial and error.

5 things highly sexual couples do regularly to get satisfiedIf you trust your partner enough, your sex life will benefit greatly from it. (Natural Beauty)

2. Trust

This in itself may not be a sexual act per se, but it does contribute to the greater picture. The more trustful partners are of each other, the better the intimacy between them.

Imagine having suspicions that your boo is cheating on you and could be carrying STI’s from his side chick or side guy. Just imagine the impact of that fear on your sex life with that partner. In fact, the whole of that relationship becomes shaky if this is the case.

3. Comfortable in their skin

If you are constantly worried about your body, you won’t be uninhibited during sex and we already clearly explained this in our article about things you shouldn’t do during sex with your partner.

The couples with lit sex lives have outgrown these body insecurities, especially with each other. Without this body confidence, letting out that sexual energy appropriately will be nearly impossible. And if you’re not in the right mental space, your sex will always be a chore… a regular exercise in stiff, cautious sex.

You can’t get to the realm of regular back-blowing sex and toe-curling orgasms this way.

5 things highly sexual couples do regularly to get satisfied

4. Not opposed to quickies

As a matter of fact, them embrace it with both hands.

Those hurried moments of steamy sex before you rush into the car for work in the morning… you need to master how to get into them if you are to ever elevate to the level of a highly-sexual couple.

5 things highly sexual couples do regularly to get satisfiedThere is more to sex than the outright sexual things you do with your bae.

5. More in common than sex

Sex begins outside the bedroom, especially if you intend to go all the way with that partner. Couples who want to stick together for a long time need to be more affectionate



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