8 Ways Bischoff & Heyman Will Impact WWE TV

8 Ways Bischoff & Heyman Will Impact WWE TV

Hell has frozen over again.

News has filtered through via Sports Illustrated that WWE has hired both Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff to oversee Raw and SmackDown respectively. This is obviously massive. Vince McMahon has willingly gone out and sought the aid of old ECW and WCW bosses to help shake-up WWE’s product…in 2019. What a world we live in.

SI also claim Heyman and Bischoff will have full autonomy as Executive Directors of each show. Don’t be 100% fooled by this. Though they will have a lot of say, WWE is still Vince McMahon’s company, and he will still have final word on all major decisions. It’s more likely that the boss is entrusting his old rivals to drum up ideas that make his product enticing to fans again and stir up some interest.

What does this mean in the short-term then? How will WWE’s weekly output be affected, and what will the knock-on impact be now that Heyman and Bischoff are in office full-time? It’s hard to overlook the positives here. Long may this last.

Here’s everything we think could happen.



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