Action Bronson Promises “Blue Chips 7000” Will Be Out In A Month

2 years ago

Action Bronson Promises

“I don’t give a fuck if I have to leak it myself,” Action Bronson told his audience at the Rolling Loud festival on Saturday.
It has been over two years since Action Bronson’s last project, Mr. Wonderful. Taking the stage at Miami’s Rolling Loud festival yesterday, the portly Queens rapper promised his fans that his long-awaited Blue Chips 7000 mixtape will be “out in a month.”

Since releasing his sophomore album, Bronson has been making a career out of his favorite hobbies, stuffing himself with rare delicacies and getting ripped while watching the History Channel. He currently hosts two shows on Viceland, F*ck That’s Delicious and Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens, and has another — Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson — on the way.

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Bronson isn’t done with the rap game just yet, but his fans are getting impatient. This isn’t the first time he’s given himself a month to drop Blue Chips 7000. In fact, he did the same thing all the way back in May of last year. Just last month, Bronson revealed that “finishing touches” still had to be made, though he didn’t shy away from hyping up the delayed release, writing, “All I gotta say is damn that shit heat.”

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He spoke on the tape’s delay as well as his general absence from the rap game during his Rolling Loud show on Saturday night. “It’s been a minute,” he said (with blood oozing from his forehead). “I’ve been on this motherfuckin’ run, man. Fuck That’s Delicious. All this television shit. But I don’t give a fuck about that no more. Blue Chips 7000 is coming out in a month.” Watch him make the announcement below.



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