Apple reportedly not planning to add in-display fingerprint sensor on upcoming iPhones

Apple reportedly not planning to add in-display fingerprint sensor on upcoming iPhones

Apple went all-in on Face ID with the iPhone X last year, excising the company’s long-time Touch ID fingerprint sensor in favor of the new, facial recognition feature. Don’t expect that to change anytime in the future, either, with supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claiming in his latest research note that Apple won’t be adding in-display Touch ID fingerprint sensors to both this year’s or next year’s iPhone models, via 9to5Mac.

According to Kuo, limiting factors in Apple’s decision have to do with the fact that the current crop of sensors have more limited support for OLED screens (which Apple uses in its iPhone X models), along with the sensors only working in a specific location instead of the whole screen. Recent rumors have indicated that Samsung is looking to use in-display technology in its upcoming Galaxy S10 phone, so it’s possible this feature could end up as a substantial differentiator between the two companies’ flagships going forward.

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Additionally, there’s the questionable need for a second authentication method when Face ID seems to be working out pretty well for the company so far, although the added layer of a second factor of security would obviously offer better protection, as well as give more choices to consumers.

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Apple is expected to announce its new iPhone XS model along with a larger Plus variant and a cheaper LCD model next week on September 12th. All three devices are expected to feature Face ID instead of Touch ID.


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