China develops nanogenerator to power electronics

China develops nanogenerator to power electronics

Chinese scientists have developed a new nanogenerator that can harvest energy from human motions to continuously power wearable electronic devices, a report by the China Science Daily said on Tuesday.

According to the report, scientists at Zhengzhou University have developed a washable and wearable nanogenerator based on hydrophobic nanofiber.

It has a woven structure and can be attached to clothes to convert the mechanical energy generated by human activities into electrical energy.

“This washable nanogenerator with its woven structure has provided new opportunities for the development of self-powered wearable electronics.

“Wearable electronic devices often require frequent charging or replacement of batteries, how to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable electrical energy to these wearable electronic devices has become an urgent problem needing to be solved.

“At the same time, the flexibility, comfort and washable of wearable power supply devices are also particularly important,’’ the report said.

The research was published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.



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