Church not a place to gather money – Senior Pastor

Church not a place to gather money – Senior Pastor
Pastor Azuka Ohez

The General Overseer of Kingdom Power Praying Centre, a.k.a. Solution Ground, Isashi, Badagry, Lagos southwest Nigeria, Senior Pastor Azuka Ohez has urged Christians to go back to their original calling which is to touch the lives of the poor people.

Pastor Ohez also declared that the church is not a place to gather money, rather it is a place to alleviate the the suffering of the people.

”If we go back to the original manuscript that Jesus gave to the Church in the book of Luke Chapter 4,verse 19, “that is the first place the poor people were recognized. Jesus said, ‘I was called to preach to the poor. So our mandate is to touch the lives of the poor people. The church is not a place to gather money from people always, sometimes you have to establish people financially, empower them, elevate their poverty, and help them to solve their financial problems so that they will fully concentrate on the teachings of Christ. This is because we are preaching the Lord of Lords to them. They did not see that God, so that we can use the actions, that this is the way God works by saying, take this money, start business.

”This we have done for one or two people here. The first one we did, today they are living very well financially. Now the family is alright and they are all members of the church and when we saw that they have been elevated. We have to face the second one which we just gave out money to early this month. She came the other day and say ‘oh, Daddy I bought a fridge, I have also equipped my shop.

”I was happy because there was life added to their lives. In the way I knew them before, something different had happened in their lives, so I think that message of Jesus, if Christians can implement it, touch the helpless, meet the needs of the needy.”

Pastor Ohez who left the Deeper Life Bible Church to form his own said he did not just leave church but that God called him to fulfill the call of God upon his life.

”We did not break out from Deeper Life Bible Church. We are calling it fulfilling the call of God in one’s life. God used Deeper life as a church, as a training ground and as a stepping stone to train us because the harvest is so much and one church is not enough to do the harvesting and Jesus told us before he left that we should pray for the Lord of harvest to send labourers into his field.

“We believe that God answers prayers and impressed it in our hearts. Not only that, we heard his voice, discuss with him precisely in August 2016, that he has something to do with us outside Deeper Life. There are things he can use us to do outside Deeper Life.
And when the time was ripe, we answered that call. We did not break away, because when you are talking of breaking away, it is as if we fought somebody or we did something. We did not break away, we followed due process and we answered the call. And that is the fruit of what you are seeing. We believe that God is the one doing His work.

On how the ministry started, Pastor Ohez answered: “The ministry is just too young. We started the ministry in April this year 2018.”

On the challenges, he said there have been a lot of challenges. ”Challenges are part of life and those are the things that train one’s muscles. Someone said, ‘if it is an easy venture, it will be so crowded but because it is something that you are going to encounter men, demons, devils, challenges are there. There are people who believe that the land belongs to them, that no other church will be there.

Church not a place to gather money – Senior Pastor
Pastor Ohez preaching

“But we told them that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, that the church of God must be planted anywhere God choose, and man has little or nothing to do in deciding where the church of God would be planted or built. And God himself has glorified his name. The church is marching forward and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it.

“Ebenezer is part of the reason we are unfolding this programme, it is part of the reason we answered the call.

“We discovered that in Christianity, people do not regard Christians. They see Christians as helpless people, they see Christians as people they can push away. If you go to 1 Samuel Chapter 12, that is where we picked the theme. 1 Samuel Chapter 7 verse 12.. Phillistines were oppressing the children of Israel and Samuel came to raise up a stone and call it Jehovah, our Ebenezer, a stone of our help and when he raised it up and call that name the Philistines were conquered and the Israelites regained all the land that the Phillistines have taken away from them.

“In life, many Christians have lost their ground, there is poverty, barreness, sickness, operational attack everywhere, but when we raised up this stone, at least, we were assured that within April and today that we are rounding up this programme, 27 women conceived, pancreas was given to a man, something the doctors couldn’t do, generational asthma was taken away. A lot happened during this period as we call on Jehovah. Jehovah means ” warrior himself”. The Lord of host and when he is out, no power can withstand him and we have called him we are here to celebrate the victory he has given to the church.

Church not a place to gather money – Senior Pastor
Sister Brown Senator

“We can not say we are raising the church without a calling. There are people that are helpless in the society, they lacked the capacity to help themselves financially, materially and otherwise. Some of their children do not go to school. Some of them cannot afford to pay for their rent. Some of them are just feeding their stomach with anything they see not that they are eating what they like, but eating what they see.

“The Church will return to the original path as long as this praying centre continues, not only in our headquarters, anywhere God will take this church to. That is the foundation that the church will carry on.

”Most churches because they want to make money, they want to have their own houses, cars and even their private jet, no problem, but the problem we have in churches is that men have lost the vision of the founder of Christianity, who is Jesus himself, and we must understand that if we are pastors and leaders of these people.”We must return to the Bible, read the Bible, to know why we are called. Our duty, our mission, what we are here on earth to do. Buying cars, building houses, flying on private jets is good, but if we are leaving this world, what will the church or the members remember us for. Jet will decay, cars will go out of model, houses will go out of model, but once you touch, establish or equip one particular individual, it might in return touch many souls.

“My message is, let’s return back to our original calling. Remember the needy, help the helpless and give them a sense of belonging in the church.”

Church not a place to gather money – Senior Pastor

Sister Eucheria Ezirim, member of the church

During the programme, some of the members testified to the glory of God. Sister Eucheria Ezirim said: ”I’m here to praise God, worship and dance in praises. I started coming to the ministry since November last year. Ever since I started coming, I have been spiritually uplifted and lots more. I’m not a church member, I just decided to join them for their weekly programme every Tuesday. The Lord is in this place, praise God.”



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