Drama As Pastor Fails To Resurrect Man After Jumping Inside Grave


Drama As Pastor Fails To Resurrect Man After Jumping Inside Grave

A pastor has embarrassed himself after attempting to resurrect a dead person but failed woefully. The incident is reported to have happened in South or Eastern Africa.

In a viral video online, the cleric, spotting a dark Jacket and brown trousers is seen screaming and shouting a ‘word of prayer’ on the coffin before proceeding to open it, exposing the corpse.

The pastor proceeded to lay on the corpse, screaming at it to ‘Rise up’, a call that was unfortunately not heeded to. He proceeded to walk around the corpse muttering some incoherent words before asking to be helped out of the grave.

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This development is coming a few weeks after a South-African pastor, Alph Lukau raised eyebrows with a ‘miraculous’ resurrection of a dead man named ‘Elliot’.

Lukau made headlines after the miracle was disproved as ‘Fake’ as video footage from the scene reveal that the ‘Elliot’ was indeed alive by the time the coffin was opened.

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Lukau faced severe criticisms online with many calling for his arrest and prosecution. As at the time of filing this report, It’s unclear if the South-African government will press charges against the popular pastor.

Watch video below:



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