FULL ALBUM DOWNLOAD & TRACKLIST: Olamide – “Lagos Nawa (Wobey Sound)”


FULL ALBUM DOWNLOAD & TRACKLIST: Olamide – “Lagos Nawa (Wobey Sound)”


Listen To And Download New Album: Olamide New Album Lagos Nawa (Wobey Sound)

Olamide – Lagos Nawa is Olamide’s Highly anticipated Seventh album, the album has a total of 17 tracks.

Regular stars that he features are Timaya, Phyno, Tiwa Savage and Reminisce.

In terms of production, all the songs were produced by Young John except Track 7 which was produced by Olamide himself.

Link Updated Enjoy

1. Olamide – Fe Nu Shey Street DOWNLOAD MP3


2. Olamide – Radio Lagos DOWNLOAD MP3


3. Olamide – Yagaga DOWNLOAD MP3


4. Olamide – The One DOWNLOAD MP3


5. Olamide – Oro Pawpaw DOWNLOAD MP3


6. Olamide – Bend It Over Ft. Reminisce & Timaya DOWNLOAD MP3


7. Olamide – Shine DOWNLOAD MP3


8. Olamide – SaySayMaley DOWNLOAD MP3


9. Olamide – Mo Je Dodo DOWNLOAD MP3


10. Olamide – Lagos Nawa DOWNLOAD MP3


11. Olamide – Everyday Is Not A Christmas DOWNLOAD MP3


12. Olamide – On A Must Buzz Ft. Phyno DOWNLOAD MP3


13. Olamide – Shanko Baby DOWNLOAD MP3


14. Olamide – Fine Fine Girls Ft. Tiwa Savage DOWNLOAD MP3


15. Olamide – Wo DOWNLOAD MP3


16. Olamide – Enimimomi DOWNLOAD MP3


17. Olamide – Wo (Spiritual) DOWNLOAD MP3


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  1. Baba u are the real legend hustler after u nah u after u again nah u nothing do u baddo sneh eyan tiwa sneh street dey feel u sneh every time am listen to ur music u always Inspired me

  2. All of you are just embracing bundle of rubbish,you can even say a single truth.This is not a music is just mixture of shit disturbing real rythms of good music.If Olamide started like this he won’t make it so far,it will be better if you can go back to your drawing board and fix things up like you used to.Don’t let people keeps encouraging you with sweet words that this album makes sense.No sign of passion,no good lyrics,no messages.You indulged in wasting time of your young talented producer,the best you can offer him is all this shits up song after wasting his time to do good beat for your music.Olamide you are good musician but you got distracted for people not telling you the truth and truth is always hidden……..Common guy wake up the talented guru out there can displaced you anytime if you don’t fix things up.


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