Go Viral On Instagram With These Easy Methods

1 year ago

Instagram is one of the strongest social media channels for any business, brand or average individual to utilise today. Everyone is looking to get engagement from their posts and gain more visibility.

Instagram is a great tool you can use to reach a new audience, build your network, and show users just who and what your brand, business, and self is all about and why they should be doing business with you.

There are different ways to get your posts to go viral on Instagram. So, here are three key ways to help amplify your Instagram experience and help your posts trend while attracting more engaged and targeted followers.

Use the right hashtag

Hashtags are one of the major elements used today for social media marketing campaigns and they are used across all social media outlets, not just Instagram. Choosing the right hashtag for your Instagram posts will help your brand make the best of that particular content. As much as majority of Instagram hashtags are branded, learn to get creative with your branded hashtags

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At the same time, a branded hashtag doesn’t always have to include your company’s name. Get creative with your branded hashtags, have some fun with them, but make sure they tie back in to the brand story you are truly wanting to tell.

Generate Engagement

Did you know that 70% of Instagram posts aren’t even seen? Although Instagram boasts the strongest engagement metrics among major social media outlets, it still has to deal with content overload. This is why the new Instagram algorithm dictates what content people will see by gearing more towards past page engagement. To generate more engagement, you need to look out for not just likes and followers, but also comments, ad clicks, and shares. To avoid this algorithm trap, learn to be different from other similar pages by utilising the Story Application in Instagram, posting video content, tagging locations in your posts to increase organic traffic and using the algorithm to your advantage. Also be selective with your posts during weekdays as that is when more Instagram users are active.

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What is 3×5 hashtag, you ask? It’s a new and different method of enhancing your account where you identify 3-5 Instagram hashtags that produce high levels of engagement but are not necessarily targeted as much as the most common ones used on Instagram. Most importantly, make sure that the hashtags are relevant to your brand, business, and the message or story you’re wanting to tell to your audience and potential customer base. Be specific, be intentional, and most importantly be real. By doing this, your posts will gain the elusive engagement you are searching for and by being a “Top Post” your Instagram page will grow, your brand will get more visibility, and you will ultimately trend towards more closed opportunities and business.



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