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You may not believe me;but I have facts about this 21st century, good facts or better facts…..I woke up taking a deeper look at the usual stories our parents would always tell us about their rough and poor upbringing, about their unrelenting efforts, trekking miles to school, tedious farm work under an angry sun without breakfast and sometimes had to hunt down stray animals for food or even roast some of their farm produces to keep the body, soul and mind together which in this 21st century looks more like a punishment.

Another interesting fact is that over 60% of those who were able to forge ahead into a higher level of education despite their challenging upbringing today if not highly successful are averagely okay. The ones who could not forge ahead but were determined and very hardworking became great in the agriculture sector and are today successful dealers in important farm produce like cocoa, kolanuts, tobacco and many more, some of them are even great asset to our beloved country.

Meanwhile, in the 21st century where a higher percentage of parents do all in their capability to make education a priority for their children despite the way they toiled during their time to get to where they are now,i am not too surprised that most parents do not want their child to be a liability and to my amazement, kids of the 21st century are well informed about the benefits that comes with a well loaded bank account, being highly influential, wants a fancy and luxurious lifestyle and lots more… My big question is, greatness in the 21st century, should it be attributed to hard work or luck???

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In an ideal world, if hard work would be a considerable answer then a large percentage of the population should be successful…considering how desperately committed the youth of nowadays are to their source of income. To be candid hardworking is an understatement to their level of commitment and dedication….

Education as an example in our country has a surprising level of commitment to it because education seems to be the first birthright you must have as an individual to show to everyone around you that you’re successful.but I am not too surprised that even after the first degree,with dim hope of a mind relaxing job,we forge ahead to second degree and even third degree,we still go to the extent of acquiring a skill all in attempt to make ends meet.

The outrageous burst of cyber crimes for example hacking, frauding, e.t.c has increased due to how youth of 21st century don’t want to be idle, the dedication and commitment directed towards these cyber crimes is outstanding, imagine a youth forsaking 12hours of sleep (which is very important) to surf the internet all in the quest to make money and be comfortable. The same goes for the bloggers and other internet related source of about upcoming artist,they are now innumerable, its inspiring how they put so much into producing a hit song,how they invest their time in composing lyrics,money to produce these songs are sometimes resources meant for their up keep in school.A lot is forsaken all in the effort to become a star..we also have the aspiring models, who put in their all too,purchasing clothes, organizing photo sessions and so many more..indeed everyone is putting in a lot of effort, perseverance and total commitment. You will agree with me that everyone wants to become a CEO….

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In conclusion, Julie_brown_ would always tell me “everyone is a rising star,but not every rising star shines”, Everyone is putting in effort one way or the other but tragically, not everybody will make it to the top.not because others are lazy or not working, but because not everyone is lucky…”life contains but two tragedies one is not to get your heart’s desire the other is to get it” __socrates…I will wrap this up by saying the world today is too competitive to consider someone who pushed through as being hardworking than others..

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