Guys, Be Careful! Checkout The 5 Types Of Women You Should Never Date

2 years ago

Most single guys have unrealistic expectations about finding the perfect woman. While I don’t really know what constitutes the perfect woman but here are 5 types of women men should definitely stay away from and if you ever come across any of these listed women, my brother run as fast as your legs can carry you.

1. The clinger:

A clingy woman is tagged as the most annoying and downright woman any man can ever associate himself with you, she is the type that will be attached to you like a bedbug, never give you any peace of mind and will be your shadow.

2. The gold digger:

This type of girl is a parasite that is ever ready to suck you dry, “she is termed as a classic seductress who despite whatever she says is only interested in your money, she will want the most expensive things, gifts, trips and anything money can buy”. “If you really want to figure out whether your girl is one or not, just suggest you’ve lost your job or even better, ask her to pay the bill once”.

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3. Damsel in distress (DID):

“There is nothing worse than stereotypes and clichés and the Damsel in Distress (DID) is just that, a living, breathing cliché. while most guys would love to be a knight in shining armour for their ladies, it can become a tiring job if it’s 24/7”. The Damsel in distress will require your attention at every point in time and will always need to be rescued even at every little point in time.

4. The mum type of girl:

While the mum attitude is an innate thing in every woman but when she becomes a substitute mother and start telling you what to eat, what to wear etc the run. She will pick fault on any little thing and judge you all the time.

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5. The tease girl:

While most guys like to be teased by their girl, there’s nothing worse than the girl who will just keep leading you on without really wanting anything to do with you. “The Tease is unique in the sense that she will always give the impression that she’s into you but will always keep you at an arm’s length making you guess whether to go ahead or not”. Bro’s if you ever meet a woman like that, run far and fast as you can because you will only end up with a broken heart.



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