Knowledge You Must Know That May Save Your Life One Day

2 years ago

Criminal assult:

• If someone pointed his gun at you, run. The chances of being shot in motion is 4% (most likely he won’t shoot you because he’s not getting anything out of it). Remember, most criminals don’t want to kill you. They want either money or sex. Either way you don’t want to let the person take you to another place, where most kidnapped are raped or killed.

• If your car was parked by a van in a parking lot, get into the car from the passenger side, lock the door, and leave immediately.

• If someone was pointing his gun at you from the back seat, do not drive to his designate location. Buckle up and hit a tree hard. Your airbag will save you and he’d shoot out of the windshield due to inertia.

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In the wild:

• If you were bitten by a viper/any venomous snake, do not run(the venom will spread faster). Take a picture of the snake if possible or remember its features(pattern/head shape). Within the first 2 minutes, more than 95% of the venom will still be around the wound. Tie your shoelace 3 inches above the wound to slow down the spreading of the venom and loose the tie for 30 seconds every 10 minutes to avoid necrosis. Call for help. While waiting, rinse the wound with water(ideally 5‰ potassium permanganate with 2L water if you have a First Aid kit) or any liquid (ex. urine).

• Want to light your wet matches? Smear some toothpaste on the wick of a match, then wipe it off. Now the match will light right up.

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• A cotton ball impregnated with Vaseline makes a foolproof fire starter. It will burn strong for at least 4 minutes.

• To get clean safe water, cut a vine and stick it(the part that’s still connected to the tree) into your water bottle. Wait about an hour then you’ll have clean water. The thicker the vine, the more water you get.

• A. A sudden increase in stream discharge, B. water becoming muddy, or/and C. a sound of thunder indicate that you have probably encountered flood(A. B. C.), avalanche(C.) or mudslide(C.). Do not go downhill – you’re not fast enough. If you really don’t have the time to escape, climb up a tree.



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