[MOVIE REVIEW]: Bad Boys III (2020)


[MOVIE REVIEW]: Bad Boys III (2020)

Michael Bay won’t be directing the next Bad Boys film, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. But Joe Carnahan might…

It’s little secret that plans have been afoot for a third Bad Boys movie for some time, with the problem, as producer Jerry Bruckheimer told us back in summer 2013, being reuniting the key personnel. Back then, he was “trying to find a hole in Will Smith’s schedule”, and with regards director Michael Bay (who helmed the first two films), “trying to get on his docket”.

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With Michael Bay’s future seemingly tied into making endless Transformers movies right now though (as well as new sci-fi movie Time Salvager), it seemed that the chances of him finding time for Bad Boys 3 were slim. And so it’s proven, as a new director is apparently now in talks to make the film.

Sony has turned to NarcThe A-Team and The Grey helmer Joe Carnahan, and he’s reportedly in talks to brush up David Guggenheim’s screenplay, and then potentially direct the film. It’s been 12 years and counting since Bad Boys II, and Sony is apparently suddenly moving quickly to try and get the next slot on Will Smith’s schedule.

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Martin Lawrence has already, more than once, indicated his willingness to return for a new film. We’re assuming, for Sony to get moving as it has done, that Will Smith is likely to be back as well. More on Bad Boys 3 as we hear it…



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