Muslim & Christians – Is Foreplay Religiously Accepted During or Before Sex?


Hello Guys,

We want you all to have your say on this issue.

This afternoon at the office, we talked about sex in general and every other things in between 😜

Someone mention the goodness and satisfaction of foreplay and how it assists your sexual life and experiences.

Then someone kicked against it completely saying “It’s against the moral sexual teaching in the bible“.

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This statement sparked a huge conversation and argument.

Sex without foreplay is more like eating a half done food. Sexual foreplay include licking, gisting, teasing, handjobs and so on just to lubricate and sensitize your sex.

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This conversation left us with an unsettled argument that we believe our ever active and intelligent Wizimites can help interfere and resolve for us.

So Guys 👇

Do You Think Foreplay During or Before Sex Is Religiously Accepted?

Let Us Have Your Say On This One



  1. Honestly speaking, I don’t know how,what or why religion has to be brought into romance. without being biased, sex is to be enjoyed the way we want it without making reference to holy books. God said; go and multiply..he didn’t say how we should multiply(lol) or even how the procedures should be. We just have to be creative with what we are doing.

    when a farmer plants, he didn’t just open the ground and plant.. he first cleared the bush, tilled it, watered it… before *planting* the seeds.

    ….and there’s nothing like foreplay after. I mean, its original state means before, so why is there a foreplay after the main play again (lol)



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