Rant_367: Osogbo NEPA vs Osogbo rain

1 year ago

Rant is a series of strong emotion writings from Akingbade Ademide, a university undergraduate from the University of the State of Osun (Uniosun).

The computer science prodigy of the university has been doing a lot of writings from his year one that has won him some award from the department, college and faculty as a whole.

Wizimatic presents you Rant_367 which is more of a conversation of his residential area within the premises of the school between the Osogbo NEPA vs Osogbo Rain and i’m sure you’d love it.

Rain: Watxup buddy, I’m gonna rain.

NEPA: Wait till tomorrow.

Rain: Why?

NEPA: We just really restored their light.

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Rain: I’m just going to rain a little.

NEPA: I don’t trust you.

Rain: just a little. You will see.

NEPA: okay then. I will leave the lights on.

*Dark Cloud. Storm. Huge tornado.

NEPA: I thought you said you are going to rain just a little?

*Takes light.

Rain: Nigga, But I haven’t even started now.

*NEPA flash light angrily.




45min of rain.

*Full ocean everywhere. My spread clothes lying in dirt meters away from the line. Sinful weather in every room.

Rain: I’m done.

NEPA: You tried.

Rain: You can restore their light back now.

NEPA: which light?

Rain: That you took before I rained.

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NEPA: I thought you said small rain?

Rain: Yes. It was just that, I couldn’t stop myself from peeing. I drank too much water yesterday.

NEPA: I need to dry wire.

Rain: Okay no problem. For how many days?

NEPA: Three days.

Rain: For just that small rain?

NEPA: You rained that much and you’re calling it small rain? Are you not going to rain this year again?

Rain: I’m still going to rain tomorrow’s evening. I gotta pee.

NEPA: It’s not my problem. Ish! They’ve kuku not paid their electricity bill.

Written by: Akingbade Ademide

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