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1 year ago


Rant is a series of strong emotional writings that talk about topics that cover all aspects of life. Akingbade Ademide, a university undergraduate from the University of the state of Osun (UNIOSUN).

The microbiology prodigy of the University has penned down a lot of articles that express how he feels about life without having a corrupted or biased opinion attached.


100 level back then, some girls hardly ever talk to or greet guys in our level. Same class o, same matric number sequence, same faculty, same level.

I will never forget.

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We greet them on course mate level na and they reply with thank you.

100l, I was the class rep. Honorable class rep. You dinnor respect me.


Because your bobo, 27 years old was in 400 level then.

And you, 100 level, you were just 18. But you are well endowed, bobo boboed you till you agreed.
All you did was press that iPhone and chew chewing gun all class and every practical.

No problem.

Now, we’re in 300l. Going on IT. Almost finishing school.

Quick notice: If your boyfriend was in 400 level when we were in 100 level together back then. And now that 400 level bobo has gbéra and he has left you for we small boys.

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Please, don’t greet me. Let’s continue with how we were since 100 level please. We will not form any bond.
My case can’t be available that became the wanted because the wanted isn’t available.

In this University, we will all be mad together.

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