Reincarnation; Spooky Or Not?


Reincarnation; Spooky Or Not?

Reincarnation; Spooky Or Not?
Reincarnation; Spooky or not? (

Curious to know if another world exists in the outer space or where the soul of a human goes to after breathing the last?


Are you having creative ideas on how a soul can come alive again? If your answer is yes, then we are on the same line of thoughts… I’ve always been curious about the metaphysical world and journey of a human’s afterlife.

In some circles, matters relating to the spiritual realm are talked about behind closed doors and with low tones.

You are never really open with what you actually think or feel about a certain phenomenon beyond the ordinary because of fear of being tagged weird or out rightly bizarre.

It will interest you to know that some very renowned science experts have left the curtain open on the topic of reincarnation, life after death and what have you.

Over the past century, history has it that some individuals actually return to the earth’s surface after dying and buried six feet deep. Amazing or creepy, it is believed that the soul of this person goes back into the womb of an expectant mother, who could be within the deceased’s immediate family, a distant relative or from another country entirely.

It is assumed that this dead person’s soul couldn’t find rest and thus decided to come back to right all the wrongs done to or by him/her.

Reincarnation; Spooky Or Not?
Reincarnation; Spooky or not? (Hannah Michaels –


Reincarnation according to Wikipedia is the philosophical or religious concept that an aspect of a living being starts a new life in a different physical body or form after each biological death.

It is also called rebirth or transmigration, and is a part of the Saṃsāra doctrine of cyclic existence.

This topic has sparked a lot of controversy in the society as some people find it quite uncomfortable to believe that some of us had lived before and are here on a mission to fulfil whatever we felt cheated on in our past lives.

Documentaries have shown different individuals the world over coming out to share their experience and views on this.

It is believed that some children in their early years remember their past lives and tend to talk about it between the ages of 3-5 years but stop around 6-7years and forget all about it or if not, chose not to talk about it.


Personally, I believe in reincarnation. I think human beings are spiritual beings and tripartite in nature consisting of the body, soul and spirit.

When we die, our body and all the organs stop functioning and the soul and spirit are left without a body to house them.

Where will they go? Some religious fanatics will say to heaven, yes maybe for some.

How about others that feel they haven’t completed their purpose on earth or had died untimely in a gruesome manner? What happens to them? Judgment? Purgatory? These are questions I ask myself and the answers I emanate can be downright spooky and unrealistic, but I believe strongly in this theory.

Is it possible for a woman to give birth to a baby she had previously as a stillborn? In the ancient Yoruba kingdom, they are referred to as “Abiku” and in some rare cases “Akudaaya”. Names like Durojaiye, Malomo, Durotimi, Maku e.t.c. are given to these “come and go” babies.

However, in Akudaaya cases, they are not reborn but their spirits reappear in faraway places to begin a new life where he/she is not known.

There is a story of a certain man in my hometown who died in a road crash in Lagos but reincarnated in another town, got married and had kids. His new family are living proofs of this bizarre topic. Spooky right?


Identifying signs of reincarnated persons could be in form of birthmarks, scars, feelings of dejavu, natural gifts, powerful intuition, sense of not belonging, deep conversations and connections, memories of past lives, strong urge to visit faraway places, dreams, phobias and so on.

A story of the “Pollock Twins” in 1958; Jacqueline and Joanna who were sisters in their first lives, died in an auto crash, later returned to the same family as twin girls named Gillian and Jennifer.

They were able to identify their toys, locate their school and had a phobia for moving cars.

There are so many stories on reincarnation that would give you goose pimples and make you wonder if you’ve been here before.

In Yoruba land names like Yetunde, Yejide, Yeside, Babatunde, Iyabo, Babajide, Omotunde, Kokumo e.t.c are given to children born around the time a relative pass on or  to children who are splitting images of a deceased family member.

If you bear any of these names mentioned I think you should ask your parents the story behind it, you might just find out something so intriguing you’ll want to scream.

So Long!

Written by Bello Adekunbi “Kunbella”



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