Relationships And Weddings : What To Do When A Woman Likes You But You Don’t Like Her


Relationships And Weddings : What To Do When A Woman Likes You But You Don’t Like Her

Relationships And Weddings : What To Do When A Woman Likes You But You Don'T Like Her

Being liked by someone you do not fancy is a feeling that’s traditionally more relatable to women, but with the consistent call on women to become more proactive when they’re attracted to men, that may be changing already.

These days more and more woman are coming out of their shells, shooting their shots in the hopes of scoring big with men they like.

What this creates is a problem of sorts, where attraction is one-sided. Unreciprocated affection may flow from the woman to a man who may be clueless on the best way to say no without breaking the woman’s heart or sounding like a jackass while telling her that he is not interested in her.

Guys, if you ever find yourself caught in this delicate situation, here’s what to do:

1. Be honest

Disinterested in a lady who’s got a crush on you? Be honest about it. It is infinitely better to make this clear from the very beginning. Even if it’ll crush her and make her feel bad, it’s the logical thing to do if you really are not interested in what she’s offering you.

2. No mixed signals

When you expressly say that you are not interested in a relationship with her, then let your actions portray it, too.

If you decide to be friends, ensure to stay in the confines of friendship and avoid anything that could be [mis]interpreted as an intention to be more than friends. There really should be no mixed signals here.

3. Get out

If you think you are too attracted to her for a friendship to work without devolving into some sexual relationship with her, get out as fast as you can.

Here’s why: refusing to be in a romantic relationship with a woman does not mean you won’t be sexually attracted to her. And by being friends with someone sexy who clearly likes you, the chances of you getting carried away to the point of pursuing that sexual relationship becomes a lot more increased.

If you begin to have sex with her despite not desiring a relationship, it’s essentially taking advantage of her because, obviously, she’s interested in more than sex and she already mentioned that to you before you decided to use her for sex, instead.



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