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Dear Users, please comment below if you have any request for movies. We’ll try to post that in 48 hours.


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  1. I want you to post the following movies: the hacker, IP Man legacy, Pirate of the Caribbean and lots of adventures and war movies. Thank you

    • This movie is scheduled to be released by the end of April. Kindly stay tuned as it will be published on our website as soon as it is released. You can make requests for other movies that you will like us to post for you. Thank you

  2. I have been wanting to see John wick 3 on the platform. Please could you help post it and as for the avengers end game, can I download it now?

  3. Can you upload the following movies
    1.The Maze Runner : The death Cure
    2. Teen Titans Go the movie (2018)
    3. Ralph Breaks The internet
    4. Justice League : The flashpoint Paradox (Animation )

  4. Hello!
    May you please upload for me The following Dc Universe animated movies

    Justice league : gods and Monsters .
    Batman the dark night return part 1&2.
    Batman vs Robin .
    Suicide Squad Hell to pay .
    Justice league vs. Teen Titians.
    Justice league Dark.
    Batman : Gotham Gaslight.
    Son of Batman.
    Justice league : Throne of Atlantis.
    Batman and Harley Quinn.
    Batman :The killing Joke

    They are many but I hope you include others
    Hope you upload them

  5. please could you post ant man and the wasp for download, what you currently have is a review more or say a trailer. when would the full movie be available

  6. Please may you upload the following movies,
    Night school
    Mr Right
    The hate you give
    Nobody’s fool
    Girls trip
    A Cinderella story(once upon a song)

    • They are both downloading. If you’re using a laptop or desktop, kindly right click and select the option download; and if you’re trying to download from your phone, kindly hold down the download button for few seconds and click option download.

      Thank you

  7. Hey there! Please am on stand by for the release of the X-Men dark Phoenix, SHADOW, HOBBS & SHOW . Looking forward to hearing from you guys soon

  8. I also need these movies.
    1) Mermaid Hunters
    2) All series of Boyka
    3) All series of Maze runner.
    I.e from part 1 to where it ended

    Please I really need
    Fifty shades of grey
    The part one
    Please. Thanks

  9. please link to download movie ” when they see us”
    ‘inglorious basterds”
    “pulp fiction”
    “bubble bee”
    “now you see me 2”
    “Robin Hood”

  10. knockout, cold feet, king of boys, ojukwu, the lost cafe,lara and the beat,beat me black and blue,the secret i took to the grave,wolf town, the anchor.

  11. Please upload Indian movie Krrish 1,2,3 and 4… Wizimatic Crew, u guys are really doing a great job… Thanks

  12. true blood, y tu mama tambien (2001), secretary (2002), brokeback mountain (2005),black swan (2010),nymphomaniac(2013),blue is the warmest color (2013), gone girl(2014), banshee,kiss and kill,zane’s sex chronicles,the tudors, shameless, city of vegas, debbie does dallas, beach bum,


  14. I need a link to money Heist season 1 and 2, the link on the site is broken and I can’t download with it, I need a new good downloadable links

  15. Please help doesn’t allow me to search old movies, can I have kiss me 2011 by Ruth Vega ,blue is the warmest colour as well as Carol,summertime,summer love.


  16. Hi,can I have the following in Rome 2010
    2.the kids are all right 2010
    3.bound 1996
    4.i can’t think straight. summer of love. partners 2014
    7.below her mouth


  17. Hello tolu please I can’t download nollywood videos.. Tried with many phones and browsers not working.. When the download start it doesn’t count..

  18. Money heist season 2 episode 9. Please I need a link to it. I downloaded the one you posted, among all the episodes, espisode 9 of season 2 doesn’t play. It’s not playable after download, please fix it

  19. Hello tolu, I must really say I appreciate you services, and you guys are the best……… Could you please upload the movie shadow and hobs and Shaw? Thank you

  20. Good afternoon.Please I have a problem downloading movies.When I click on the download button,it goes blank and shows me https:/server 7005.fzmovies.pls can you tell me what’s the problem.