See The Top 5 Countries With The Fastest Internet In The World – 2017

1 year ago

In this technological era, where internet has become the most preferred medium of our everyday communication, have you ever wondered which countries provide the most quickest internet experience?

There are two important metrics in bandwidth allocation (measured in Megabits per second or Mbps): download and upload speed, denoting the speed of inbound and outbound data respectively.

Here is a list of the top five countries that has the fastest internet connection speed in the world 2017.

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong tops the list with peak internet speed of broadband connection in this country showing an average of 54.1 Mbps across services.

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It only takes 83 seconds to download a file of 10GB be it HD Movie or whatever. Amazing!

2. South Korea

After Hong Kong, South Korea recorded the second-fastest average internet speed of 48.8 Mbps.

Also, one HD Movie or File of 10GB can be downloaded in just 92 seconds. Excellent.

3. Japan

Japan came in third with a peak download speed of 42.2 Mbps and a very excellent uploading speed.

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A file of 10GB size will complete its download in just 106 seconds.

4. Latvia

At fourth position is Latvia, wherein the average speed of connection in this country is 37.5 Mbps.

It takes only two minutes to download an HD movie of file of 10GB size.

5. Romania

With best facility of internet, Romania comes in at fifth place with an average internet speed of 37.4 Mbps.

Its takes 2 minutes and 10 seconds to download a 10GB file.



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