Steps in Deep Cleaning Makeup Brushes

3 years ago

Cleaning your makeup brushes is one of those mundane tasks that we must all carry out (unless of course you like to spread bacteria across your face). You’d be surprised at how many people I come across who have used the same foundation brush for months or years and NEVER washed it. Sickening isn’t it. For those of you who don’t wash your brushes regularly, let me tell you exactly why it’s a very good idea. When you apply foundation to your face, you are picking up bacteria from your skin, and it’s then left to fester in the brush after use. The next time you go to use it, the same thing happens, except the bacteria that has festered from the time before, it now ALSO on your skin. It’s a vicious circle, that I can assure you, will only ever cause you to break out in spots. Obviously eye brushes are a less of a problem, but it’s still important to do a deep clean (as opposed to a spot clean – cleaning quickly with a makeup brush solution after each use) every few weeks, just to make sure they are bacteria free. I am lucky in the fact I have quite a lot of brushes, so after using one brush, I can then use a different one another day instead of having to be constantly deep cleaning brushes 24/7. If you have problem skin or acne, I’d definitely advise that you clean your brushes a little more than average person, you may notice an improvement.

  1. Lay out all your dirty brushes ready for cleaning to commence!
  2. Dampen the brush slightly with lukewarm water.
  3. Pump your cleaning product of choice (I often use a mild shampoo but at the moment I’m using a Dove hand wash because it leaves the brushes exceptionally soft, and I like to think that the anti bacterial properties of a hand wash are beneficial in cleaning away all the nastiness.)
  4. Start swirling your brush around on the palm of your hand, occasionally adding a little bit of water to lather up the product and allow the brush to be thoroughly saturated.
  5. Squeeze out excess product and watch all the foundation drip away into the plug hole!
  6. Repeat if necessary (stubborn dirt or a very dense brush)
  7. Marvel your clean brush (yes, that’s very important…)
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