The James Bond-style garage that lets rich people hide their expensive cars

The sophisticated hydraulic system allows homeowners to hide coveted vehicles beneath a normal-looking driveway

It’s the latest must-have for wealthy Londoners: a James Bond-style underground garage which delivers expensive cars to the surface at the touch of a button.

The sophisticated, hydraulic system allows urban homeowners to hide coveted vehicles beneath a normal-looking driveway.

The James Bond-style parking apparatus was created by Cardok, which offers made to measure car lifts costing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

It also offers a product called the CarTurn 360° – a turntable platform which can rotate 360 degrees so owners need never reverse in and out of their driveway.

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You could hide your nice car beneath a rubbish one to throw thieves off the scent

The futuristic car lifts are operated by an electronic key fob and can be designed to hold as much as 30 tonnes.

Cardok spokeswoman Izabela Coupe said: ‘We specialise in creating intelligent, safe and unique parking solutions.

‘Our standard parking solutions are available from £35,000 but a lot of projects, especially the made to measure ones, can go over a few hundred thousand pounds.

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‘Some clients live in areas with building restrictions and cannot have a traditionally closed garage. Sometimes neighbours oppose new constructions above ground and with Cardok it becomes possible.

‘Sometimes clients just want to preserve the beauty of their garden or house entrance and love the idea of an invisible garage.

‘Property prices keep going up and land is more and more valuable so optimising parking solutions becomes necessary.’

You could also use the system to store other cars in an underground lair
It’s unclear why people bother buying expensive cars in London, where they will spend most of their time stuck in the same traffic as people in cheap motors



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