Things You Can Do To Avoid ‘One Chance’ Killers


Things You Can Do To Avoid ‘One Chance’ Killers

Things You Can Do To Avoid 'One Chance' Killers
Frequent incidents of ritual killings or an attempt at it, has called for one to be mindful of one’s safety. (karishikaoccult)

The thought of being locked in a vehicle with a suspected ritual killer is one to dread. This is why it is important to be proactive about one’s safety.

In terms of frequency, women are often the target according to many reports in the media.

You can avoid becoming the victim by following some safety measures.

1. Avoid an unpainted taxi

A suspected ritual killer will likely not have a vehicle with the form of the ones approved for operation by state transport ministries.

When you suspect an oddity in the taxi you are about to enter, it is best to find another that makes one more comfortable.

2. Observe for desperate driver offering fare way too cheap

This is not intended to insult commercial motorists but getting a driver willing to collect far lesser than the regular fare is something to pay attention to.

It might be a strategy used by suspected ritualists to get you to enter the vehicle. A lady who escaped from kidnappers is an example of such a scenario.

3. Run a thorough check on anyone you are meeting from a networking site

When you are meeting anyone from a networking site, please be sure that you know enough about them before pursuing a date especially when it is at the residence of the friend.



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