Tragedy as Father. 80 yrs was beaten to death

  • Grandfather Tommy Ward was left battered and bruised from brutal attack
  • Sadly he died five months after he wastargeted in his Rotherham home
  • Police believe those responsible were after his safe which had £30,000 in
  • Mr Ward’s son and his carer have since made appeal on BBC Crimewatch 

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The devastated son of a great-grandfather who was beaten to death in his own home has launched a new appeal to find the attackers responsible.

Former soldier Tommy Ward, 80, was left battered, bruised and with broken bones, including a fractured skull, after he was targeted by burglars at his property in Maltby near Rotherham in October last year.

He was treated in hospital for his injuries and placed in a critical condition, but after being released he sadly he passed away in February.

Mr Ward was attacked in his home in Maltby, South Yorkshire last October

Tommy Ward, pictured before the attack was left with a fractured skull, broken jaw, ribs and finger

Mr Ward’s son Sean spoke of his anguish on the BBC’s Crimewatch Roadshow today, where he discussed the emptiness the family has felt since his father’s passing.

After an emotional segment, where viewers were shown a reconstruction of the incident, Sean said: ‘They’ve stole what he worked for, they’ve stole what he kept, what’s rightfully his.

‘They’ve stole that from him, they’ve stole his life and stole my kids’ grandfather and they’ve stole my dad.

‘We’re just in a long dark tunnel and there is no light at the end of it at the moment.’

Mr Ward’s carer, Angie Cook, also spoke of her shock when she saw the former miner, who she described as a ‘really friendly and easy-going little guy’ with a ‘great sense of humour’, bleeding on his kitchen floor.

Family man: Mr Ward's son Sean (pictured, with his father) spoke of his family's anguish over his father's death

Caring character: Mr Ward (pictured, with his grandson) was said to have a great sense of humour and loved spending time with his family

Ms Cook had left the pensioner locked safely in his home, after making the final of four daily visits to him, at 6.20pm on Thursday October 1.

However, when she returned the next day at precisely 6.45am she found the door was unlocked.

She called out Mr Ward’s name and when he did not reply, thought that he must have been waiting in the kitchen for her to fix him breakfast.

However, the real reason for his absence was more shocking than she could have imagined.

Shocking scene: Mr Ward's carer, Angie Cook, was overcome by emotion when she discussed finding him 

Shocking scene: Mr Ward’s carer, Angie Cook, was overcome by emotion when she discussed finding him

Appeal: Police have urged people to come forward with information regarding the attack on Mr Ward (pictured) and Crimestoppers have offered a £10,000 reward

Upon recalling the horrific state of Mr Ward for the BBC show the carer was forced to halt the interview, as she was overcome with emotion.

She said: ‘Twenty six years in care and I have never seen anything like that before and I hope I never see it again.’

Crimestoppers has issued a £10,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest or conviction of those responsible for the attack on Mr Ward.



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